Hi this page is about me. If you wanted to know.

I'm doing this in pre-formatted text because it's easier. 

Hi, my name is Pat Goodyear. I'm a retired Control Technician
from a large investor owned Electric Utility.

Some of my background.

I was born and raised in Modoc and Lassen counties in Northern
California. I spent my youth on a cattle ranch. I attended local area
schools graduating in the early '70's from Big Valley High School. I
spent a couple of years in college in Redding, and due to the draft
enlisted in the armed services. Worked summers during college as a seasonal
fire fighter for both the USFS and CDF (Now CAL-FIRE) at lava beds national

I spent 9+ years in the Submarine Service, I chose to leave after my
enlistment was complete following deployment to the East Coast.

I joined my present employer shortly after my discharge.
I reside on the beautiful central coast of California, half-way
between San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The weather is mild (60-70's)
year round, yes we have fog in the summer, but it is Mother Nature's
air conditioning.
If??? one wants 100+ weather, one needs to drive east 15 minutes.

I have been married 45 years and have 3 children, oldest is an graphic artist married,
daughter is married to an engineer 1 child, youngest is married with 3 children.

I have an AS degree from Mohegan Community College,
a BSNET degree from University of New York Excellsior College.
I'm an ISA Class III certified control systems technician.
I hold ANSI 3.1-78/ ANS402-14,
and ANSI 71-314
Nuclear Technician Certifications.

As you can see I have a passion for SOCCER. I coach (34 years),
Referee (30 years), and watch all I can. I am director of referees for
South Bay Soccer Association www.sbsa.us. I hold youth and competitive coach
licenses. My other passions are family, amateur radio, computers,
woodworking, fly fishing and tying, alpine skiing, camping,
homebrewing, golf (well depends), rock climbing (indoor), and electronics.
And depending on the season, whatever blows my skirt up! I am
a packrat and collect everything, (something I inherited from my mom).

Yes folks, I am a Nerds Nerd, and I carry a pocket protector to prove it,
and just in case you were wondering,

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